A mix of personal and client custom typography work. Through each of these projects, I wanted the type to become expressive.

Celebrate women

This custom type was created for a 2018 International Women's Day event, from sketch to refined vector design.


culture hound

This project done for dOGUMENTA, an art show designed with dogs in mind, has a fun and casual quality. It was found on their merchandise for the 2017 Brooklyn event.

Culture Hound FINAL-01.jpg

Southern sounds

The poster created for a showcase of six women musicians in Southern music coincided with an exhibition at the Speed Art Museum, Southern Accent: Seeking the American South in Contemporary Art. The music showcase took on its own identity, and the rough texture and informality of the custom small type captured the welcome and the diversity of the performers—from folk to country to soul.


drop caps

This series of drop caps, a personal project, was a fun exercise in exploring the style each letter could take on. (Yes, definitely inspired by Jessica Hische.)

carry out

This personal project is a humorous interpretation of the way I often explain my name to people who have trouble with it: either "it's like carry out" or "think about carrying your groceries."


sun prints

These analog sun prints explore the expressive power of typography through single, powerful words, with additional letters used as design elements to speak to the feeling or interpretation of the one primary word. The imperfections of the analog method speak to the imperfections of life, and the complex realities behind these simple words.